Shea Li & Jun Yi: Overcome all Obstacles for You

It is always interesting to see how much and how far the groom and his groomsmen are willing to take in order to win his bride at the gate-crashing games. It is not boring and old fashioned at all, in fact this tradition adds vibrancy and liveliness to the entire wedding. 

Sucking lemon while skipping rope was as hilarious as it sounded. Yet, Jun Yi went all out simply for his beautiful wife, Shea Li. The joyful looks on each one’s faces were worth to be remembered. The happiness extended till the wedding reception at night. This lifetime event became unforgettable when it was shared among the closed ones.

Cinematography : Motion In Style
Photography : Pixel Tree
Decorations : Perfect Wed Deco – Chuah Production
Band : Super Band
Venue : Grand Alora Hotel