Louis & Mandy: What is True Love?

“Louis, I remember once I told you that I did not believe in true love. I will never forget your reaction, shocked and a little hurt.”

“Mandy, you’ve given my lifetime happiness. Now, I would like, I would want, I would hope that you could give me a chance to do the same for you. As a summary, I love you.”

“Louis, as time went by, your love makes me believe.”

Louis took Mandy by the tips of his fingers. They both swayed lightly in the circle of their closest and nearest. Mandy’s dress swirled out and rustled against Louis. Cheers and applause surrounded them round and round. Guests seemed to be turning round and round. Whilst Louis and Mandy seemed to be saying:

“All I can see is you, Mandy.”

“Me too, Louis. Hey you know what, I think I know the meaning of true love.”

“What is it?”

“You. You are what it means.”

Cinematography : Motion In Style
Photography : Kenn Foo
Make Up : Yvonne Bridal make up 
Planner : Sugar & Spice Events
Decorations : Floralsense Creation
Venue : S P Setia